【Career】Summer Internship for International Students 留学生のためのインターンシップ

Summer internship 2023

The internship for international students by Aichi Prefecture will be held in this summer. This is a valuable opportunity to experience at a company in Aichi.

  • Internship period: 1-2 weeks from August 7 (Mon) to September 30 (Sat)
  • Participants: International students who meet the following conditions
  1. International students enrolled in a university or graduate school in Aichi prefecture, or living in Aichi Prefecture
  2. Persons with Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2 or above, or those with equivalent Japanese language proficiency
  • Application deadline: 17:00 June 9 (Fri)

If you are interested, please check HERE.

More information is available from GSES bulletin board.

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