Before Leaving Japan

Important notice

Please pay attention to your VISA status! After graduation, you cannot use Student VISA anymore in Japan.

Permanent leave (Return the Residence Card)

  • After graduation, no matter how many months left in your student visa, it is invalid, therefore you need to leave Japan within 30 days.
  • If you will leave Japan permanently, you have to return the Residence Card to the immigration officer at the port of departure.
  • If you plan to stay in Japan after graduation (searching jobs, continue your study etc), you have to change your visa status or report to the Immigration Bureau (e.g. when you change an enrolled university).
  • If you plan to continue job-hunting activities after graduation, students should apply “Designated Activities” resident status. It requires the letter of recommendation from the University. Please apply for the letter by the deadline of GSES Office. Students who have not been participating in job-hunting activities, non-degree seeking students and ABD candidates are not eligible to apply for this status. The application for “Designated Activities” status might be denied by the Immigration Bureau.

See Handbook for International Students p.13 for application procedures and necessary documents.

Several things you need to do before leaving Japan

Please read carefully and go through the process below.

1. Nagoya University

  • Complete departure procedures at the office of your School by the specified date.
  • Obtain items such as your official academic transcript, course completion certificate, university diploma, etc.
  • Meet with your academic advisor, international student advisor and the administrative staff at your school and inform them of your departure plans and contact address after leaving.
  • Return your Co-op membership card and collect your deposit money.
  • Obtain information on the Nagoya University Alumni Association.

2. Housing

  • Inform your housing manager/landlord of your moving date (about one to two months’ notice for private accommodation depending on the contract, and at least two weeks’ notice for university housing).
  • Pack your stuffs and ship, send them to your home address via surface mail (sea mail, or funabin).
  • Pay any outstanding rent, gas, electricity and water bills.
  • Clean your living quarters & take out your garbage correctly or selling to recycling shops.

3. Ward Office

  • Submit a notification of moving out (see p.18).
  • Cancel your national health insurance membership, return the membership certificate and settle your payments at your ward office several days before your departure.
  • Cancel the Japanese National Pension (if you have applied).

4. Others

  • Cancel your bank/postal account.
  • Cancel mobile phone/internet service contract and settle the final payment in person.
  • Express your appreciation to those people who assisted in making your stay in Japan a more pleasant one (home-stay family etc.).