Part-time Job

“Study first, of course!”

For part-time job, you need two permissions from “Academic Adviser” & “the Immigration Bureau”

Precaution: For new students, we recommend that you do not start doing any part-time work until you have a full understanding of your study and research schedule. When you want to start a part-time work, please make sure that you have obtained approval from your university supervisor.

How to get permissions

You need to bring these items below to the Immigration Bureau for getting part-time work permission :

  • Application for part-time work permission Shikakugai-katsudo-kyoka-shinseisho
  • Residence Card
  • Valid Passport

Noted : International students who work without a work permit and those who fail to follow the regulations pertaining to the permit will be fined, and in some cases, subjected to forced deportation.

See Handbook for International Students 2019 p.8-9

About working hours

  • The maximum hours of work are limited to 28 hours/week, including Golden Week in May
  • During long holidays, you may work a maximum of 8 hours/day

Noted : Golden Week in May is not considered as spring break

Read before you start part-time Job

  • We recommend new students not to take any jobs until they understand their study and research schedules at Nagoya University (seminar and lab times, etc). If you want to start working, please talk to an academic advisor in advance.
  • “Long school vacations” refers to summer vacation, winter vacation and spring vacation.
  • International students are not permitted to work in “the adult entertainment business” or related businesses such as bars, cabarets, pachinko parlors, mah-jongg parlors, dispatch fashion or mail-order adult video, online adult video services, etc.
  • If you are on a leave of absence, you cannot work.
  • No need to apply for permission for activities that are not included in your visa status for jobs like a TA or RA that are performed under contract with Nagoya University.
  • If you are working late at night, please note that this may change your daily rhythm and adversely affect your health and/or school studies.
  • Protect yourself from illegal work;
    1. Confirm contract content (breaks, payment, etc.)
    2. Be careful about copyright law when doing translation work