Three Major Transportation at NU


Subway is the convenient and necessary public transportation to move Nagoya City. You can go most of the place taking on subway. There are 5 lines;

  • Meijo (Purple)
  • Higashiyama (Yellow)
  • Tsurumai (Blue)
  • Sakura-dori(Red)
  • Kami-iida (Pink) Line

Nagoya University is connected with Nagoya Daigaku Station, Meijo Line.

Minimum fare: ¥210 yen
From Daiko to Higashiyama NU Campus: ¥240
From Nagoya Sta. to Higashiyama NU Campus: ¥270
24-Hour Ticket: ¥760


You can use Nagoya City Bus from Nagoya University bus stop. You can go to the downtown in Nagoya, Sakae and Nagoya Station. Note that Commuter Pass of Subway is not valid for bus, and you have to pay fare even if you have Commuter Pass of subway including Sakae or Nagoya.

Fare: ¥210 (flat rate)
1 Day Bus Ticket: ¥620


After you purchase bicycles, you are required to do the following:

  • Loss prevention registration
  • The store can register your bicycle (if the store is a participating store with Aichi Prefecture Bicycle Loss Prevention Registration Association)

Useful Japanese: 防犯登録お願いします。(Could you register my bicycle?)

  • You can un-register the bicycle and the Association give you a receipt to prove it was deleted. (When you dispose your bicycle)

Useful Japanese: 防犯登録の取り消しをお願いします。(Could you un-register my bicycle?)

  • Enroll “the University Co-op’s Student Personal Liability Insurance”
    • ※Enrollment in bicycle liability insurance is mandated by Nagoya city ordinance
  • Get special sticker at the office and put it on your bicycle. (If you commute to campus)
    • ※Bicycle without the sticker may be removed from campus
  • Lock your bicycles at all times. (Double or triple locks preferable)

Please also see pp.49-51 of NU Handbook of International Students 2021-2023

Discounts Ticket/Card

Student Discounts for transportation

“Degree seeking students” can get a student discount of 20% off single fares of JR(Japan Railway) train/bus/ship if they travel more than 101km.

Noted: Research/exchange students are not eligible.

How to get it?

  1. Obtain the Student Travel Fare Discount Certificate from the certificate issuing machine.
  2. Bring it with your student ID card to COOP-North in our university / JR counter in the JR train station.
  3. Tell the staff that you would like to buy the student discount ticket (Ga ku wari, 学割 in Japanese).
  4. Enjoy your travel (Note : Bring your student ID card always with you while traveling as JR officer ask you to show it).

Useful Japanese: 学割使えますか。(Could I have a student discount?)

Please also see p.3 of GSES Student Handbook 2022-2023

Commuter Passes

“Degree seeking students and research students” can get a student commuter pass in Subway and City Bus. You can buy the commuter pass 1 month/ 3 months/ 6 months. Manaca is issued in Nagoya area but it can be used in other areas (such as Tokyo or Osaka). Manaca has IC card function, so it can also be used in convenience stores or some shops compatible with IC cards.

Noted: Exchange students are not eligible.
For other company’s lines, please enquire at each company.

How to get it?

  1. Obtain a form at GSES Student Affairs Office and fill out the necessary information.
  2. Bring the form with your student ID card to the train station.
  3. Tell the staff that you would like to buy the student commuter pass (Te i ki ken, 定期券 in Japanese).
  4. Choose the section and term (1 month, 3 months, 6 months).

Useful Japanese: 学割の定期券を買いたいです。(I want to buy the student commuter pass.)

Please also see p.3 of GSES Student Handbook 2022-2023

City Subway and Bus Tickets

Nagoya city transportation offers you 24 hour subway ticket and 1 Day Tickets with some discounts.

Nagoya City Bus & Subway 1-Day Ticket: ¥870
Donichi Eco Kippu (Weekend Eco Ticket): ¥620

Please visit its website to get more information

Please also see p.48 of NU Handbook of International Students 2021-2023