Bank Accounts / SIM Cards

Bank Account

Students are required to open a UFJ/SMBC/Japan Post (etc.) Bank accounts because the NU tuition fee will be automatically paid through bank accounts.

How to open a bank account

We can open a bank account by online or branch, but it is much easier and faster to visit the bank branch to open one because branch staffs will support you in the process.

Prepare the items below:

  • Resident card
  • Inkan or hanko (personal seal/stamp) (signature can be allowed in some banks)
  • Cash 1.000 yen for a small deposit

Useful Japanese: 口座(こうざ)を開(ひら)きたいです。/ I want to open a bank account.

Note: If you haven’t stayed in Japan for 6 months, or you don’t have a “notice of tuition fee payment” (pink paper), you can only open a bank account in UFJ.

Banks Near NU

UFJ Motoyama Branch

NU Post Office

SMBC Motoyama Branch
(三井住友銀行 本山支店)

SIM Cards

Those who wish to bring the phone from home country, please ensure your phone is an unlocked (SIM-free) phone.

There are 3 types of SIM Cards can be used in Japan:

1. SIM Card (data only)

Those who do not need a telephone number can choose the data-only SIM.

  • You can use Prepaid SIM Cards (for less than 3 months)
    1. Softbank : ¥1,650 (500MB/31 days)
    2. Rakuten : ¥2,980 (1GB/30 days) & ¥3,980 (2GB/90 days)
    3. IIJmio : from ¥900 (3GB/month)

2. SIM Card (data + SMS)

It is the second cheapest option which includes data + SMS.

  • Several Prepaid SIM Cards (data + SMS)
    1. IIJmio : from ¥1,040 (3GB/month)
    2. OCN Mobile One : from ¥1,000 (3GB/month)

3. SIM Card (data + SMS + call)

PACKAGE option without having a new phone

  • OCN Mobile One : from ¥1,180 (1GB/month).

For those who don’t have unlock phone

Major carrier (Docomo, Softbank, au) usually sell the cell phone & SIM card as a package (they also offer SIM card only).

Recommended for students who:

  1. Stay in Japan at least for 2 years (not recommended for an international student who stays within several months because there is a pretty high penalty for whom cannot complete the contract
  2. Use calling by career service
  3. Use career mail and enjoy student discount
  4. Use the after support in a branch
  5. Do not have the credit card
  6. Wish do part-time jobs in Japan (*most job interviews require phone numbers)
  • Price: around 7,000 Yen~/ per month (depend on the company + plan)

Please visit shops and compare the price & choose the best option!