Overseas Travel Report

Before leaving Japan temporally, never forget to follow the process below! You have to follow school rules to get the better support from Nagoya University!

1. On-line Temporally leaving application

Whenever you will leave Japan temporally, you have to fill in this online database.

2. Submitting the temporally leaving report to GSES Office

  1. Get an approval of your academic supervisor.
  2. Print out the temporally leaving document above and obtain the signature and a seal of your academic supervisor.
  3. Submit the document to the GSES Student Affairs Office!

See Handbook for International Students p.11

3. Re-entry permission

  1. Fee: Revenue stamp of 3,000 yen (for single re-entry) or 6,000 yen (for multiple re-entries)
  2. You are not required to apply for a re-entry permit, if you have a valid passport and a Residence Card and will be re-entering Japan within one year of your departure (or before the expiration of your residence period) to continue your activities (called a special re-entry permit).
  3. At departure, you are required to present your valid passport and your Residence Card to the immigration officer and submit the ED (entry departure) card.
  4. If you wish to re-enter Japan using the special re-entry permit, please be sure to put a tick on the appropriate check-box on the ED card.
  5. When you leave Japan with a special re-entry permit, you cannot extend your residence period outside of Japan. If your period of stay expires within one year after your departure, please ensure that you re-enter Japan before the expiration of your residence period.
  6. If you go overseas for more than one year, you will be required to apply for a re-entry permit at the Immigration Bureau before your departure

See Handbook for International Students p.11