The GSES consists of three departments:

  • Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Environmental Engineering and Architecture
  • Social and Human Environment

Our concepts are “sustainability” and “Safety and Security”.

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

  • To treat the entire planet including human activity as a whole system
  • To nurture the development of new human resources with the ability to study, evaluate, and analyze the environments of the earth through the use of scientific knowledge related to environmental problems

Department of Environmental Engineering and Architecture

  • To explore technologies and control systems which improve quality of life (Sustainability)
  • To establish new relationships amongst natural environment, artificial environment, and human environment in the areas of architecture, urban development, and local areas (Safety and Security)

Department of Social and Human Environment

  • To establish an advanced regime which is harmonized with nature
  • To analyze the modal and function of social environments, examine domestic and foreign laws and policies, and seek opportunities for recommendation