Starting Your Campus Life

Starting Checklist

Please go through the following steps to start your campus life.

Registration and Enrollment

  1. Meet the staff in charge of international student affairs at your school office. Check and take notes of the following information beforehand.
    1. School
    2. Name
    3. Contact address
    4. Tel.
  2. Meet your academic adviser. Check and take notes of the following information beforehand.
    1. Name
    2. Contact address
  3. Meet the international student adviser of GSES.
    1. Name: Professor CHUN
    2. Contact address: Room 414 Environmental Studies Hall 4F
    3. Email: chun◎ (◎→@)

Orientation programs

Please attend all of the following orientation programs. Please check the date, time and place beforehand.

  1. University-wide orientation for new international students (Check the following information beforehand)
  2. Orientation program at your school (Check the following information beforehand)
  3. Orientation program at your university dormitory (Check the following information beforehand)

Medical Check-up

Please undergo the medical check-up. Check and take notes of the date, time and place beforehand.

Please register from the NU Research Center of Health website

Starting Procedure for Information Infrastructure Environment

1. Information Security Training

All new students must pass the Information Security Training upon entrance into the university.

Login from here.

When you pass the Information Security Training above, campus information service becomes available.

if you have any trouble, please go to NU’s IT Help Desk

2. Multi-factor Authenticate set up for NU ID

Multi-factor Authenticate set up is necessary because some online systems (NU Portal) requires multi-factor authentication.

Please see here for details.

3. Replace initial password

Some information services have a condition that you have replaced the initial password to use the services.

Please jump to the link for details to change the password.

if you have any trouble, please go to NU’s IT Help Desk

4. Registration of an e-mail address for emergence contact

E-mail address registration is needed for safety confirmation on disaster situation.

Please click here for the registration.

5. Multi-factor Authenticate set up for THERS account

Multi-factor Authentication is used for THERS contracted Microsoft 365 servers and THERS e-mail service.

If you have not finish this set up, you cannot use some important services such as THERS e-mail account (e.g.

Please see here for the details.

Services based on Nagoya University ID will be migrated to THERS account with step-by-step migration.

6. Annual Information Security Self Inspection

You need to perform self inspection annually (by the end of April) which is reflecting most recent information security trend.

Please see here for details

f you have not finished this self inspection, after some warning, you will not be able to access information services.

7. User registration of Nagoya University Wireless Network (NUWNET)

Your have to confirm NUWNET terms of conditions and register as a user.

Jump to the link and go to NUWNET user web page, confirm NUWNET terms of conditions, and agree them.

Unless you agree with them, you cannot use NUWNET (authentication will be failed).

Notifications and Announcements from GSES

Important notifications are posted on the e-bulletin board, NUCT (see this page for further info), or sent to the THERS E-mail (

Please check the e-bulletin on a regular basis. Please forward THERS E-mail after several tests (and re-setup when you change a mobile/device etc.).

We will not accept any excuses for delays and insufficient documents.

Printed documents are sent to the principal supervisor.

Access to the E-Bulletin Board, GSES

The link is here: e-bulletin (GSES)

Access from outside NU requires ID and password
(both are given in a document received in admission procedure).

Front page of GSES e-bulletin