Type of VISA

  • Professor : Scholar or Professor in receipt of a salary from University
  • Cultural Activities : Unsalaried scholar/ JSPS Researcher, planning to stay more than 90 days
  • Student : Student, planning to stay more than 90 days
  • Dependent : Family (spouse or children) of students or scholars, planning to stay for more than 90 days

VISA Renewal

8 things you need to prepare for NU Student VISA

Please also see pp.6-7 of NU Handbook of International Students 2021-2023

  1. Application for Extension of Period of Stay (student)
    Free copies of the form are available at the Nagoya Regional Immigration Bureau and can also be downloaded here (please see the Application for Extension of Period of Stay linked below).
    a. Fill out the Application Form page 1-3 for applicant
    b. Request the GSES Student Affairs Office to fill out the Application Form page 1-2 for organization
  2. Photo
    The photo should have been taken within 3 months of application, full face view directly facing the camera, no hat, clear and without any background images (do not use same photos with previous one).
  3. Passport & Residence Card
  4. Revenue Stamp (4.000 ¥) Available at the Immigration Bureau
  5. Certificate of University Enrollment and Official Academic Transcript
    In case of research student, you will need an official document from your previous school outlining your research, and indicating the hours spent on the research. Please note that a written statement from your academic advisor is inadequate.
    If the applicant has failed to graduate within the expected period and must remain in Japan for this reason, a statement explaining the reason for failing the meet the graduation requirements must be submitted.
  6. Student ID or certificate of acceptance (合格証明書)
  7. Certificate of Scholarship Stipend (if any)
  8. Bank Statement
    Applicant’s bank statement certifying bank balance or a copy of the bank book.

Please apply for the VISA at Nagoya Immigration Bureau & submit the copy of Visa to GSES Student Office.

Work Permit

Please also see pp.8-9 of NU Handbook of International Students 2021-2023

  • Foreign nationals who are resident in Japan with “Student,” “Cultural Activities,” or “Dependent” status of residence are not permitted to work.
  • Only students who need supplemental income to pay for their education and living expenses will be granted a permit to engage in part-time work.
  • Those who work without obtaining this permit will be subject to punishment, and possible deportation from Japan. Please be sure to obtain the permit before engaging in any work.
  • The permit is also required by students who receive compensation from the university for a period of work. However, a permit is not necessary for teaching assistants (TA) or research assistants (RA) who work to support the university’s education and research activities, and for tutors to support new international students in Nagoya University.

a. Those hold a cultural Activities VISA must be made after both the workplace and type of work have been fixed. The work must comply with the conditions for activities permitted under “Cultural Activity” status of residence. For example, restaurant work, etc. is not permitted, but work as a laboratory assistant or university office staff is permitted.
b. If you are on a leave of absence, you cannot work.

If you are thinking about doing any part-time job, please click here

Where is the Nagoya Immigration Bureau?

Nagoya Regional Immigration Information Center
(Student and Trainee Inspection Department)

Address: 5-18 Shoho-cho, Minato-ku, Nagoya 455-8601
Telephone: 052-559-2117 or 2118
Operation hours: 9:00–16:00, Monday to Friday except National holidays