【Event】Study tour to Meiji Mura / 明治村スタディツアーに行ってきました

On June 4th (Sat.), we went on a study tour to Meiji Mura !

Meiji Mura is a unique open-air museum that preserves and exhibits more than 60 buildings from the Meiji Era in Inuyama.

We met in Nagoya station in the morning and got to Meiji Mura together by Meitetsu train and bus.

Here we can find one of the most famous Japanese writers Natsume Soseki ‘s home or enjoy afternoon tea at the old Imperial Hotel.

We visited school, post office, Japanese immigrant home and beautiful Catholic Church as well. The amazing point is that all these buildings can be found in Meiji Mura.

In front of Meiji Mura gate
Meiji Mura photos 3
Home of Marquis Saigo Tsugumichi
Meiji Mura photos 2
Nature, Meiji Mura Gate, Steam locomotive
Meiji mura photos 4
Meiji mura photos 5
Meiji mura photos 6
Imperial Hotel
Meiji mura photos 7
Meiji mura photos 1

We learned a lot from Meiji Mura, and could deepen our friendship through this study tour!

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