【Event】Let’s Hike Together !! 東山一万歩ハイキングに行ってきました

let's hike together

On October 22, we  went on an autumn hiking in Higashiyama Ichimanpo (東山一万歩) Course!

We started from Higashiyama koen-station, and walked along the outer circumference of Higashiyama Koen and then hiked up to the small mountain.

It took around 2 hours to complete the Higashiyama Ichimanpo (東山一万歩) Course. We hiked 6.2 km in totall!

It was so nice weather that we enjoyed the beautiful scenery around Higashiyama area.

Higashiyama Ichimanpo map
into the mountain
Higashiyama hiking members
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